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5 Reasons Brewing Your Own Beer Is The Best Hobby To Start In 2021

For the majority of people, brewing beer at home has never crossed their mind..

Much like going to the opera instead of seeing the new Avengers movie...

But, there are 5 shocking reasons to start brewing your own beer that will come as a surprise.

Especially number 4…

Check these out..

1) You Get To Be A Mad Scientist

Seriously.. It’s like cooking.. Exactly like cooking actually.. But way cooler.

Taste as you go, add spices and herbs as you wish, fine tune your creation to meet your own desires. Then..

Anticipate the outcome..

Since the wait for beer is a lot longer than the wait for food..

It's like Christmas for a 10 year old.

You can try some fruit, try some herbs, replicate one of your favorite beers. Really, you can do whatever the hell you wanna do..

If it doesn’t meet your liking or live up to your expectations, gift it to friends or family! 

Homemade beer makes for great gifts.. (Gotten me out of x-mas shopping quite a few times now..) 

Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer.

- Dave Berry

2) It's Another Way To Feel Proud

Like an artist, or a musician. Could you imagine having an audience singing the song you wrote?

I know that’s a bit of a reach since we’re talking about beer.. 

But even a carpenter who looks back at the house he just built.

It’s just really cool to do something that others appreciate as much as you do.

Plus, there’s something to be said about adding another skill to your bag of tricks.

Especially when that skill is something most all of us enjoy, right?

It’s freeing. It’s enjoying. 

It makes your friends jealous and want to come over more.. 

I can take or leave that last one to be honest. I had to get good at saying ‘no’…

Also, knowing how to brew beer gives you a cool little leg up.

For example.. You go into a bar or brewery and order a beer... While drinking it, you notice that it’s missing a little something that would make it totally amazeballs.

Now you can go home, replicate it, and make it better by adding/subtracting what you think it needs! 

It’s like copying off the smart girl during a test.. Then just correcting an answer you catch is wrong and getting the best grade!

No joke, did that junior year. It was in math class, off a girl named, Olivia. I got a 98%! 

She got a 95%... HAHA! 

Moving on..

3) Turn Your Home Into A Brewery

Playing off the hype from #2… This is obvious..

With the ability to create your own beer, you can craft your brew to your specific taste. AKA make your favorite, right?

So, why go out as much?

Which will save money. 

As in… Less bar tabs, ubers and taxis kind of stuff.. Let’s face it, you’ll spend money once you get into this hobby.. It’s a hobby.. 

The price per beer IS lower from store bought beer, but you’ll get more equipment for the enjoyment of the hobby.. Just like anything..

And wouldn’t it be cool to have a bar at home with your own beers on tap?

I think so.. 

Then follows all the custom signs, tap handles, bar counter, stools..

If you don’t have a pool table, you’re gonna need one now..

Slightly ridiculous, I know.. But, it’d be sweet!

I’m working towards it, myself..

Also, lots of guys begin growing their own hops.. Which is really cool if you have the space..

4) Can Reduce Your Likelihood Of Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Stroke And More By Over 30%

You didn’t see that coming did you?

You see, commercially brewed and distributed beer is pasteurized. 

Meaning it was cooked until the yeast and other bacteria in the beer is completely dead.

They do this to increase its shelf life and for general "safety" of the consumer.

Now you may think that is a good thing. And while it’s certainly not a ‘bad thing’, you miss out on all the vitamins and nutrients “alive” beer has to offer.

See, the alcohol itself kills all the bad bacteria throughout the natural process of fermentation.

Leaving tons of “good” bacteria and nutrients such as; phytonutrients, vitamin B, soluble fiber, folate, finer, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and silicon.

Plus, it has a unique antioxidant profile coming from the malts and hops.

All of those are great nutrients that play a role in the health of your heart, liver, bones and more.

But, what do I know.. 

Studies conducted by the American Heart Association, Journal of the American Medical Association and articles published by U.S. News had these 4 major benefits from moderate homebrew drinking..

Let's Hear What They're Are Saying

May Boost Bone Health.

“One study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that moderate drinkers were 38 percent less likely to have osteoporosis than non-drinkers, while another study published in Osteoporosis International found that moderate drinkers had a 20 percent lower risk of hip fractures than non-drinkers. 

It has been suggested that beer's dietary silicon may be responsible for part of these bone-protecting effects.”

Can Improve Cholesterol.

“The American Heart Association's scientific sessions looked at 80,000 healthy Chinese adults and found that moderate craft beer drinking was associated with a slower decrease in good cholesterol over time.”

Can Reduce The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes.

Several studies have linked moderate consumption with a 30% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes compared to not drinking or heavy drinking. 

That is still being studied, however..

Can Improve Cognitive & Psychological Health.

Parkinson's disease research suggests that, “light to moderate drinking in middle to late life is associated with less cognitive decline than not drinking or heavy drinking.

Drinking beer in moderation also has psychological benefits. Studies have found it can help reduce stress and tension, and increase feelings of well-being.”

One more great benefit of unpasteurized homebrewed beer, and my personal favorite.

Less hangovers.

Here’s a blurb from a realbeer.com article on the subject..

"Drinking beer that has not filtered out the Vitamin B (such as English "real ale," many microbrewed beers and homebrew) will help combat the effects of alcohol — most notably a hangover.”

More nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins leads to less hangovers.. Thumbs up!

5) You'll Make More Friends And Have An Excuse To Spend Time With Them

This one is pretty obvious… Whenever you gain a new interest or hobby, new friends seem to come with.

Especially since the homebrewing community spans throughout the world...

There are helpful and passionate brewers always looking to talk about beer.

So, once you start expanding your horizons on the internet, tons of people will join in to talk with you.

Plus, I’m sure there’s a homebrew club close by that gather and talk about the hobby every so often.

Also to hold tasting sessions. Which is just an excuse to hangout.. lol

Not to mention, your current friends will take interest and want to brew with you on a friday night.. It’s a great reason for a few cold ones..

Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

The coolest part about brewing beer and the biggest thing to remember..

This hobby can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be.

And as small or as big as you want it to be..

Depending on you, it could be a small kettle and a bucket.

Or an entire dedicated section of your house with massive stainless steel equipment.

I have seen both.. And I’m sure you’ll also meet/talk with both types of people along your journey as well.

Best Place To Start

So, your journey always starts with the initial attempt. Like anything..

And just like in poker, it’s crucial to be dealt the best hand to start.

Which in this case, the new PPHS all-grain brewing kit is changing the way people learn to brew beer. 

It’s the first beginner kit of its kind, and it’s making a hell of a splash here in 2021.

There is no other kit presented in step-by-step packaging like this.

With pre measured out ingredients packaged in order, you are literally forced to follow the steps to the beer brewing procedure without confusion.

No need to bury your face in a sheet of directions or scavenge through YouTube for the video that will actually help you.

Which is currently shoving beginners up the ladder to knowledgeable brewers faster than anything before.

Just like my good friend, Ron.

Ron is a garlic farmer who always thought brewing would be fun.

But, having a farm and a family with 3 kids, he didn’t believe it was accessible.

In early 2020 he came across this kit and snatched it up.

Since he was able to learn so quickly, he went on to brew many more batches.

With only his 4th batch ever, he created his very own garlic beer recipe! 

Most beginners don’t know how to create recipes for the first year or two..

Not only that, it’s now pretty sought after in his little town.. Oddly enough, right?

Similar to a couple I know, Chet and Sandy.

They too snagged one of these kits to learn the art of brewing.

And not too long after, Chet was handing me his very own orange wheat ale that I thought was outstanding!

Perfect beer for a nice summer evening. 

Since you’re here, you have the opportunity to stack the deck in your favor. To get a leg up if you will. 

Just like Ron, Chet, Sandy and many others now.

Because right now this badass kit is 36% OFF.

And, truthfully.

That's a smokin deal. It comes with equipment that you'll continue to use in the future.

Plus, the system will teach you FAST!

Check it out HERE!


  • By-pass wasting large amounts of time and money like almost everyone else who enters the brewing world

  • Have everything you need to brew a 1.5 gallon batch of beer besides a stove/burner. (which hopefully you have..)

  • Have the opportunity to join a LIVE brew-along session to answer all of your questions and ensure you crush it from day 1

  • Learn the traditional art of brewing faster and easier than ever before. This will quickly help you realize weather you want to continue with the hobby or not. And for a very small price tag...


  • Spend more money and time with extract kits that don't teach you the art of brewing

  • Not have a simple guided kit or the opportunity for personal help from the creators. This means you'll spend a lot more time reading books and watching YouTube videos to figure it out. If you have the patience...

  • Struggle through crappy batches that won't inspire you to continue the hobby

Like I said, it's 36% off during the current product launch!

Anyway, here's that link again. It will tell you more about it..

Click here to check it out!

Thanks for reading, my friend!

Now get out there and start brewing!